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When you have a water issue, VA Water Leak Solutions is ready to help, using advanced equipment such as Infrared Thermal Imaging and other techniques to find a water leak. Some water leaks are very obvious, while other serious leaks can be harder to detect and can leak for years. Sometimes water leaks behind walls, around windows and doors, and inside chimneys. Water leaks in siding, a roof, or a basement are often undetected until they become very large problems. Infrared Thermal Imaging is a state of the art, non-invasive way to provide leak detection services for our customers. With Infrared Thermal Imaging, we can find unseen water leaks behind walls, under floors, in ceilings, and more, without having to tear up your home or business to find the water leak source.


VA Water Leak Solutions can help find and repair all types of leaks. Throughout the process, we provide photo documentation for your records. We will also continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure that your property is completely dry and free of water leaks as well as mold.  Unfortunately, after suffering water damage, your property will likely need professional cleaning services.  VA Water Leak Solutions can assist in the cleaning of walls, floors, furniture, and other surfaces or personal items.  We also offer odor removal (deodorization) services so your home or business and belongings don’t suffer from any lingering unpleasant smells due to moisture or water damage.


Professional leak detection companies can help new or existing homeowners assess a home for water leaks. However, you want to make sure you are hiring a reputable, professional company to help with your leak detection, and that’s where VA Water Leak Solutions can help. Lesser water leak detection companies might only patch a leak with caulking or another type of sealant without actually fixing the source of the leak. At VA Water Leak Solutions, you will receive an accurate and permanent solution to your water leak with one call.  We have a team of experts with many years of experience detecting and repairing water leaks for residential and commercial customers, and our Virginia water leak detection professionals use only the best tools and techniques to diagnose and repair any problem. We correct water leaks at the source using the best waterproofing materials, then once the problem is solved, we will make any necessary repairs using materials that will hold up over time.

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